ad21 is a Record Label and public relations, digital marketing agency for the music industry, specializing in contemporary and modern classical music.

In 1998 it was founded by Bruno Sanfilippo as a personal platform/label for some of his albums.
In the year 2014 we extend the arrival of ad21 to the press and public, it goes from being exclusively a personal record label to a marketing and management platform. Taking Bruno’s career, doing advertising campaigns in different media, social networks, press. Creating video clips, photographs, organizing concerts, etc.

From 2017, we open ourselves to other musicians, and our aim is to become us an helpfull link of support and growth between musicians and their audience using all the professional tools of networking and digital marketing and help them to build supportive networks, so that they are able to focus on their creativity and to give their music the value it deserves.

Most of our sales are direct through our Bandcamp shop but you can also find our records at the following shops : StashedGood | Norman Records | Denovali | Databloem | P*dis| Xavi Records and all digital/streaming platforms