Where every note
tells a story

Barcelona-based record label
mainly focused on neoclassical piano.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for exciting updates.

A compilation album featuring various artists is coming soon.

The Onix II Studio by Bruno Sanfilippo, in Barcelona.

Our Mission

At the heart of ad21’s philosophy lies the conviction that artistic greatness and its dissemination flourish in an environment of collaboration and mutual respect.

We are well aware that we are immersed in a dynamic music industry, fully understanding its vastness and current diversity. That is why we develop promotional strategies that help artists connect with their fan base in a solid and authentic way.

Ultimately, we seek to inspire, elevate, and enrich the lives of listeners and artists alike.

Our Contributions

ad21 offers artists a powerful promotional package that includes all aspects of their artistic journey, including launch campaigns, distribution strategies, eye-catching covers, and various content to promote releases on social media, blogs, and streaming services.

This includes the production of music videos, Reels/Shorts videos, SmartLinks, images, photographs, press releases, canvas, editorial pitching to Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora… and, of course, priority support in our own playlists. Sync. We pitch your music for placement across TV, ad campaigns, feature films, trailers, video games, and more.

Our Digital Distributor (U.K) automatically divides the royalties and pays all our artists directly, whether from streaming service or sync.

Join us, and let’s create something extraordinary together.


ad21 Playlist

Minimal Piano Collection

ad21 Playlist

Relaxing Piano Music

ad21 Playlist

Piano Moments 2024


ad21 is Barcelona-based record label focused in neoclassical music, with a particular emphasis on the captivating 88-key instrument, the piano.

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